Online privates

If you have participated in my Jumping Foundation Seminar, you can continue the training online. Here’s how:

  • Send me an email and describe the jump training challenge you need help with. If possible, send me a YouTube link to a short (duration max 1 minutes) video where the problem is seen.
  • I will send you an email with further questions, a first set of exercises to do with your dog and instructions on how to shoot, process and send the videos.
  • Practice and video the session. Send the YouTube link and your written notes of the session to me by email.
  • You can choose if you like to have the feedback and next set of excercises over phone (Skype/Google HangOut/FaceTime) or by email.

Fee: 65eur/60 min, including VAT 24%.

I will send an invoice based on the time I have spent on the analysing & writing down feedback and instructions. Normally this will take approximately 1 hour per training session of 1-3 exercises.